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In my work as a therapist, I guide my clients toward a self-awareness journey that is centered in sustained wellness.

My practice reinforces a wholesome approach to mental health that takes into account each client's unique needs and stage of life. Mindfulness based practices, art therapy, insight-oriented cognitive re-structuring, and the use of strategic behavioral and somatic oriented interventions make-up the core of my approach. 

Individual Psychotherapy

The idea of sustained wellness drives my work with individuals. 

My goal is to nurture a safe space for you to process 
life's natural shifts and unexpected challenges.
The clients I work with are typically seeking support related to their experiences with systemic & intergenerational trauma, depression, anxiety, attention problems,

relationships, and core identity issues. 

Couples Psychotherapy

I am passionate about helping couples dealing with communication and intimacy problems. Making a partnership work requires a daily dynamic of positivity, understanding, and tenderness. My aim is to  hold space for partners to reconnect to one another in an honest and impactful way.

Family Psychotherapy

Living with others can often present challenges.Therapy can provide the safe container needed to address difficult topics and manage unsustainable dynamics between family members. How would it look like to have honest, productive, and healing dialogue with loved ones?

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