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Psychedelic-assisted therapy can be described as a well researched approach, blending the use of psychedelics (plant based and laboratory crafted) with psychotherapy. The practices surrounding the use of entheogens and empathogens reach far beyond the current findings in clinical/research based settings. Much of this work, which has been originated and cultivated by Indigenous peoples, has greatly informed current clinical protocols. Psychedelic-assisted therapy research explores options for treatment of PTSD, depression, and anxiety and many other challenges.  Evidence-based models consist of a treatment plan including preparation & integration sessions. Psychedelic assisted therapy with ketamine is available! Please see to learn more about accessing this service . I am particularly interested in future work with the entheogen psilocybin and the empathogen MDMA. The range of services that can be provided prior to FDA approval of psilocybin and MDMA include: ketamine assisted therapy (KAT), harm reduction focused psychoeducation, preparation and integration services for individuals who have had or plan on having an experience with psychedelics. These services can help deepen and sustain learnings acquired during a psychedelic journey. 

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I do not promote or facilitate any illegal activity.
The information provided here is meant to educate and orient the public towards safe, caring, and
just communities of care.

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